Closet Remodel in Cleveland – Are bigger closets the only answer?

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Walk in Closet Before Store with StyleWalk in Closet After (RedLine Closet Systems)Most folks tend to think that closet clutter is due to a lack of space; but this closet remodel in Cleveland could change all that. As you can see from the image on the left, even large walk in closets can be cluttered and inefficient. With just a few “tricks”, however, you can instantly double or even triple the space in just about any closet.

Take for example, the huge walk-in closet Tony recently designed for this couple. Most closets come equipped with a single row of hang rods attached to the wall. Dividing the closet equally from floor to ceiling allows for another row of hang rods to be installed. Doing just that one thing instantly doubles the capacity on both walls!

walk in before 1 (web)Hutch with shelves and drawers (RedLine Closet Systems)A good rule of thumb in closet organization is that if you can see the wall, you aren’t using that space efficiently. So to better use the back wall of the closet, we removed the ‘quick access hooks’ and inserted an integrated contour hutch. It houses a number of shelves in varying widths; which are held in place using locking shelf pins. We also added four drawer units to the hutch so that this couple could get rid of the dresser that was hiding behind the clothes that were hanging on the single hang rod.

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Then using some pieces of white HandiWall slat wall panels, we were able to relocate HandiWall quick access hooks inside the Walk in Closetthe ‘quick access hooks’ to the wall space right by the door to the closet. This turned out to be a far more convenient place for hanging a robe, belts, a basket for pocket items, and anything else that needed to be handy.

Wardrobe (web)With all that done, we had enough space left over to give this couple what they really wanted. As award winning ballroom dancers, they needed a place to hang their formal dance attire. After making the rest of the closet more efficient, we were able to create some bonus space. So to finish off this area Tony designed an enclosed wardrobe that could be installed right inside the closet! He was also able to design and add a shoe bench with extra shoe storage underneath for hubby.

So whether you are trying to organize a small reach-in or a huge walk in closet Store with Style can literally help you double your space instantly! We have a wide range of closet storage solutions to choose from. Ready to get your closet remodel in Cleveland? Click Here and we will show you how!



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