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Kathy does it all for Store with Style. From marketing to customer service, she keeps the family business going day to day. When you visit or call the Store with Style showroom, you will likely be greeted by Kathy; and immediately know you're talking to a friend.

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Cambria, Kitchens and Closets…OH MY!

Being that I am a complete Wizard of Oz junkie….and that our business is actually on a street adjacent to Yellowbrick Road I just couldn’t resist using that as a title for a blog! We are a very proud Cambria retailer and have a great line of cabinetry for kitchens & bath in Wellborn.  Our […]

Store With Style and the Dream House together again in 2015

Store with Style is proud to be a part of the Lake County YMCA Dream House team!

When it’s more than ‘just a job’….

Every now and then, we like to stop and reflect back on why Tony & I got out of the corporate rat race of traveling all over the country and knowing where all the good restaurants were in cities like Chicago, LA, and Seattle (while having no clue where to get a good pizza in […]

Ten Amazingly Organized Professional & Home Offices

Whether you’re in a professional setting or a home office, organization is essential to getting things done efficiently. Store with Style offers a variety of storage solutions and office furniture for transforming any space into a professional office. Check out these ten professional and home offices organized by Store With Style.

Lake County YMCA Dream House 2014: Win A Fully Furnished Dream House Complete With Closets & Storage Solutions By Store With Style

The Lake County YMCA is giving away a Dream House in historic downtown Willoughby, Ohio. Local closet and garage organization experts, Store With Style, installed 10 different storage solutions for the 2014 Dream House. Check out this post to learn how you can win the 2014 Lake County YMCA Dream House.

Store with Style: Making Closet Dreams Come True

Store with Style was recently featured in Mimi Vanderhaven’s storied publication showcasing local businesses in the Cleveland area. We’re excited to offer the premier Northeast Ohio closets and home storage solutions. Check out this blog post for all the details of the Dream Closet job featured in the article.

Home Office Remodel in Cleveland

A local Cleveland couple with an empty bedroom they wanted to turn into an office recently gave us a challenge to completely remodel the area into a professional home office space for their new business. We did everything from ripping out the old carpet to painting the walls to cleaning up before we left. We even recorded the entire process! Check out this blog post to see all the details!

Closet Remodel in Cleveland – Are bigger closets the only answer?

NO!! You can easily double the space of any closet with just a few simple tricks! See how we were able to increase the space in this couple’s closets.

From Useless to User Friendly – A Dining Room Transformation

The dining room….how many of us have one and use it for everything EXCEPT dining?! In most homes it will serve as the toy room, home office, TV room, or even a catch all area. The reality is NOBODY really uses the dining room anymore for family meals unless it is a Thanksgiving or Christmas […]

Winter is looming and I can’t get my car in the garage!!

Does this sound familiar? Are you one of the many Northeast Ohioans that are just now figuring out that the snow will fly again. We have already had snow twice this year now, and it only gets more serious from here. So is your car still stranded outside while piles of clutter rule freely in […]