Cambria, Kitchens and Closets…OH MY!

Being that I am a complete Wizard of Oz junkie….and that our business is actually on a street adjacent to Yellowbrick Road I just couldn’t resist using that as a title for a blog!

We are a very proud Cambria retailer and have a great line of cabinetry for kitchens & bath in Wellborn.  Our closet and garage systems are also from a wonderful manufacturer, Redline in South Beloit, IL.  What makes all of these suppliers our favorite (besides their amazing products and quality) is that they are ALL family businesses and everything is Made in the USA!!  So you don’t have to go Over the Rainbow for superior quality products!

Cambria….not just for countertops!!


Cambria Fireplace Store With Style Cambria Tabletop cambria island bar countertop store with style

Cambria is launching 7 new styles this month, calling them The Magnificent 7 and they are stunning!  This link will take you to the preview, and we have samples in our showroom.






Cambria also has a very cool design tool you can use to see these new colors, match them up with paint colors and see different designs side by side.


Cambria has a lifetime warranty on their product and offers over 100 different styles to choose from.


Wellborn offers….

So many cabinets….So many colors….So many styles…all from one great brand!

Wellborn White Kitchen Cabinets Store With Style Mentor Ohio Wellborn Kitchen Cabinets Gray, Store with Style Wellborn Kitchen Cabinet White 2 Store With Style Mentor Ohio

Not only does Wellborn offer hundreds of door styles, color combinations and accessories, they have all kinds of Moulding and Embellishments, which are key to bringing your look or décor together.

They allow you to achieve a custom appearance without a custom price. You can think of them as the jewelry for cabinets. Your selection of these elements allows you to create an overall look that matches your lifestyle and personal taste.

                           Wellborn Custom Cabinet Leg        Wellborn Custom Cabinet Molding Store with Style     Wellborn Custom Cabinet Feet


Store with Style wants to make sure that you always feel like “There’s no place like home” when it comes to having a place for everything….and everything in its place!

With our Redline Closet and Garage cabinetry we can create storage solutions for the most basic closet or garage to the most intricate design for any space in your home!


Here is an example of a basic garage cabinet system with a sink, pantry for bulk storage and a place for an extra fridge.

Here is a much more complex garage with cabinets to the ceiling, shelving and doors sized to house very specific items and oversized cabinets for large power equipment.

Another example of a garage with very specific needs. Stacked cabinets to the ceiling and they are mounted above a stem wall, and we incorporated a dog washing station next to the utility sink.

Talk about intricate!  This sewing-craft room had angled walls, and several different heights needed for the cabinetry and counters.  Purpose built shelving and baskets for all her sewing needs!

Here is an example of a nice, simple closet design with all the elements necessary for extreme organization! Multiple levels for hanging, drawers, adjustable shelves and a tilt out hamper on the end!

So if you’re ready to take your dreams to reality, you don’t need the wizard….it’s been in your power all along!  You don’t even have to click your heels!

All you need to do is call Store with Style at 440-974-8201 and let us do the rest!  Soon you’ll be saying “There’s no place like home”


Kathy does it all for Store with Style. From marketing to customer service, she keeps the family business going day to day. When you visit or call the Store with Style showroom, you will likely be greeted by Kathy; and immediately know you're talking to a friend.