Store with Style: Making Closet Dreams Come True

This job was recently published in Mimi Vanderhaven! And if you know the Cleveland area like we at Store with Style do, then you know Mimi Vanderhaven. Check out our featured business page on here. Continue reading the blog post for all the details on this Dream Closet!

We recently worked with a customer who was in the process of putting the finishing touches on their newly built dream home. And since no dream home should be without great looking and functional closets, she enlisted our help to create something truly stunning.

Concealed hangingWhenever Tony heads out to a customer’s home to do an onsite consultation he really has to be prepared for anything because closets come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. This particular closet was long and narrow at 6’6” x 11’4”. It also presented an interesting challenge in that it had 2 doorways (a pocket door on the 11’ wall and an entry door on the 6’wall).

The homeowner wanted to incorporate a makeup vanity, locking file drawers, concealed hanging, and lots of shelving. She wanted it to be beautiful to match the rest of the décor in her new home but it also had to remain within a reasonable budget.

Tony went to work creating a design that allowed for all of the elements the customer was looking for. Aside from having to work around the two doors, Tony had to figure out how to get concealed hanging in the space and he also had to come up with a design that would not make the closet look and feel “closed in”.

Make Up VanityFor the concealed hanging we used deep pantries and added doors to them. The doors doubled as four full length mirrors and we also added a mirror to the wall next to the pocket door in order to give the impression that the space was much bigger than it was. The makeup vanity included eight additional drawers for storage space and we also added another mirror.

Locking file drawersWe were able to add the locked file drawers the customer had requested as well without detracting from the overall beauty of her new closet system. Tony matched our file drawers with Stealth brand electronic locks to create the secret personal filing storage our customer was looking for.

The customer chose really nice Swarovski handles for both the file drawers and vanity drawers. The Store With Style installation crew also installed the beautiful crystal lights the customer wanted.

One of the best parts about working with closets is helping homeowners make their dreams come true. Whether you’re doing a new construction, like our Dream Closet customer, or would just like to get the closets in your existing home organized, Store With Style can help! Give us a call (440-974-8201) or stop by our showroom (8250 Tyler Blvd. Suite E Mentor, OH 44060) to set up a time for an onsite consultation. Tony will personally come out to inspect your area and create a design that gives you everything you want and more!


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