Home Office Remodel in Cleveland

We recently had the pleasure of doing a home office transformation for a great couple here in the Cleveland area. Their kids had married and moved out leaving them with empty bedrooms and ample time on their hands.

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With their new found space and time they decided to start a business from home. They wanted to convert their daughter’s old bedroom into a fabulous, professional home office.

The Store with Style team completed the entire job for them. Tony designed a highly functional work area to accommodate the couple’s specific business needs. Their needs included: multiple workstations; room for several computer monitors, towers, keyboards, and cords; storage space for books and manuals; and space for filing customer paperwork and other important documents (just to name a few). Our highly professional installation crew did everything from taking out the old carpet to cleaning up after themselves before leaving.

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Having started as we always do (assessing the needs of the homeowner), the next step was to design a solution for the work area. Tony worked his magic yet again to create an amazing set up for this job.

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The entire system was done in Chocolate Pear. File drawers and small cabinets for supplies and storage make up the base portion of this solution. A WilsonArt laminate counter top was installed on top of that unit to create the desk top area.

The upper shelving units were customized to fit the particular size of books, manuals, and notebooks the couple would be using daily. Due to the weight and volume of the items being stored in the wall units, Tony thought it wise to go with a cleat system for added support and stability.

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After the system was designed, manufactured, and shipped to us from RedLine Closet Systems; our expert installation team got to work! They tore out the old stained carpet (that happened to be

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the original flooring installed in the 80s; yeah time to go!!) and installed a hardwood floor instead. They wanted something that would be able to accommodate their office chairs.

From there the crew painted the walls from sky blue and puffy clouds to something more professional; installed the desk, storage shelves, and cabinets; installed new trim and baseboard; and finally made sure the area was spic, span, and ready for the homeowners to move into.

Check out what the couple had to say about their experience:

Store with Style magically transformed our daughter’s old bedroom into a bright, functional and absolutely beautiful office space for our new business. Within three days, the room went from puffy cloud painted walls with ragged old carpeting into a spacious office with desks, cabinets and gorgeous laminate wood flooring. The owners were expert in helping us select stylish colors and textures from floor to desks to cabinets, and the workmen were professional, efficient and courteous. They did a great deal of work in a short amount of time with little disruption. They exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend their services!

– Vic & Traci

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As you can see, we love what we do and work very hard to make every project a great one and to provide an exceptional experience for our customers. Our goal is to earn your trust.

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