Lake County YMCA Dream House 2013 – Closets & Storage Systems by Store With Style

Store With Style is adding dream closets and storage systems to the Lake County YMCA Dream House for the second straight year in 2013! This year’s Dream House featured a custom wine cabinet and custom closet systems designed and installed by our expert team. Be sure to check out all the work we did for the 2013 Lake County YMCA Dream House in the image gallery below.

This really is a great cause and we’re very excited to have the opportunity to be apart of helping our local community. As a small, local, family owned and operated business ourselves, Store With Style understands the importance of being involved to help our community thrive and grow. Every member of our family and staff is personally involved in making Store With Style’s part of the Dream House project happen. And as always, every member of our team takes pride in the work we do and the end result.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated by purchasing a ticket, taking the tour, and spreading the word. We hope you like what you saw at the YMCA Dream House 2013 and would welcome the opportunity to create a dream closet or custom piece of furniture just for you! Stop by our showroom (8250 Tyler Blvd. Suite E Mentor, OH 44060); fill out the form to the right; or give us a call (440-974-8201) to schedule an appointment.

So I just, realized I’ve been going on and on about the Lake County YMCA Dream House but haven’t really explained what it’s all about. Please forgive me. I’m just so used to talking to folks from Northeast Ohio who immediately know what I’m talking about when I just say “Dream House”. If you have no idea what I’m referring to when saying “Dream House” please keep reading and I promise you’ll understand shortly.

The Dream House is an annual fundraiser put on by the Lake County YMCA to raise money for maintenance and improvements on various YMCA facilities in the Lake County area. For over twenty years now local businesses, contractors, and home builders have come together to create a masterpiece of a home, a true Dream House, to be raffled off by the Lake County YMCA.

Purchasing a Dream House tour ticket allows you and your family to visit and tour the house as many times as you like while it is open. Your tour ticket is also your raffle ticket to win the beautiful fully furnished Dream House! Now you understand what all the excitement is about, so check out our image gallery above.

Thank you for visiting and supporting the YMCA Dream House Project! We hope to hear from you soon.