Custom Closets

Take the stress out of your morning with a custom closet solution

Every morning, one of the first things you see is your clothes closet.  If you’re like most of us, you search through the clutter to find a blouse, jacket, pants or a pair of shoes.  Once you find them, clothes are often wrinkled or one shoe is missing…not the best way to start your day!

Most of us can’t add more closets, but we can make better use of the space inside our closets.  How? By rearranging your space with a Redline Custom Closet System designed and installed by the experts at Store with Style.  Every inch of your space, floor to ceiling, can be used.  Hanging spaces, shoe storage, drawers, shelves, bins…a place for everything.  Unlike most other organizers you’re not limited to standard off-the-shelf solutions.  Everything is custom built specifically for your closet.

Now imagine an organized closet, designed by Northeast Ohio’s premier closet company.  Clothing hanging neatly in their own spaces, a shoe cabinet, and folded clothes neatly placed on shelves for easy access.  No searching, no fuss, no wrinkles.

But organizing your closet isn’t enough; it has to look great too.  With more than 30 door styles and eight standard colors/finishes you’re sure to find something that blends perfectly with your décor.

But why stop with your clothes closet?  Our systems work great in other rooms as well.  Home offices, craft rooms, laundry rooms, mud rooms, or anywhere clutter is a problem.

Store with Style offers you quality…to stand up over time.  Store with Style offers you choice…colors accessories and finishing touches to make it yours.  Store with Style offers you style…choices to make your custom closet part of your home.