Garage Cabinets and Storage Systems

Custom garage cabinets built to fit your space

Many homeowners use the garage as an area for extended storage without giving too much thought to garage organization.  Unfortunately the space may end up becoming a cluttered and chaotic mess.  Do you have yard tools leaning against the walls?  Random storage boxes stacked high, oil stained floors and cluttered corners?  Does the task appear so overwhelming that all you can do is turn off the lights and close the door?  Call Store with Style, we are experts in garage organization and storage solutions.

From cabinets that organize and neatly store your stuff, to storage walls that let you clear things off your floor, Store with Style can help you organize and keep it in easy reach.  Whether your garage is large or small, Store with Style has the solutions for your garage and your needs.

Whatever you want in your garage, start with Store with Style and Garagegear cabinets.  With more than 500 cabinet choices in a variety of colors, you can have the garage you’ve always wanted…clutter free!  A usable workbench.  Tools and equipment in their places.  A floor free of toys and gardening equipment.  Last but not least, room for your car.  Now you can spend your time doing things…not looking for things.

Does your garage have odd dimensions or obstructions that take up space and have prevented the installation of any other garage wall cabinet?  With our RedLine Garagegear cabinets that offer more styles and sizes than any other home garage storage manufacturer we can create a custom solution to fit any garage.  Store everything from a screwdriver to a snow blower with our custom made wood garage cabinets.

There are plenty of options out there promising to help you organize your garage, but remember, not all garage cabinets are created equal.  Many of these options are nothing more that simply taking shelving that is meant for closets or in home organization and installing them in the garage.  None of these options offer the specific qualities that make RedLine Garagegear perfect for the uncontrolled environment in most Northeast Ohio garages.

What is the Garagegear difference?

  • Tough skinned: The powder-coated finish seals all exterior surfaces, no seams or cracks, and creates a hard durable surface that will withstand cold, heat, humidity, oil, grease, household chemicals, dirt and grime, all found in the garage.  These finishes are as attractive as they are durable, with many exciting decorator colors to choose from.
  • Off the floor design: RedLine Garagegear cabinets hang on the wall to eliminate two of the biggest problems with freestanding units; moisture on the floor and uneven floors.  Unlike other systems, our steel hang rails are 2” wide for greater strength and stability, while at the same time creating a natural pathway for wiring.
  • Quality throughout: All drawers are constructed from 9-ply Baltic birch plywood, and feature time-tested dovetail construction for long-life durability.  Full-extension, 100 pound slides feature precision ball bearings for a maintenance free life.
  • Easy-to-use design: RedLine Garagegear cabinets were designed from the start to be functional and user-friendly.  Wide opening doors, no face frames and full-extension drawers ensure easy access.  Shelves can be adjusted to suit individual needs and all surfaces are easily cleaned.  These cabinets will be a pleasure to use and look great for years to come.