Home Office Loft side view

Custom design turned a loft into a very functional and beautiful home office in Chocolate Pear with granite tops.

Home Office & Professional Office Spaces

Stylish and functional office space designed with your needs in mind

Whether you work out of your home, have a professional office, or just need a space for ‘home work’, we can design a home office to fit your needs. In many homes office space has to be flexible enough to accommodate many uses. We will work with you to determine how you use your home office in order to design a custom solution that will fit your needs, and look great too. Gone are the days of picking up a desk, chair and file cabinet from the office supply store. Now you can have a beautiful built in solution that works with your décor and functions for all the various tasks you need it for. Here’s a great example of a home office makeover we completed for a local Cleveland couple: http://storewithstyle.net/home-office-remodel-cleveland/.  If you have a professional office or work space, we can help there too!  We’ve designed many office and work room systems for our customers that fit their needs and look great too.