Laundry and Mud Rooms

More and more homeowners are choosing to add a storage solution to the laundry and mud rooms of their home in order to make these areas more organized and appealing. Store with Style can help you design solutions that are functional, aesthetic, and fit these important spaces perfectly!

Laundry Rooms

Doing laundry can actually be a pleasure if you have a functional, organized laundry room that is beautiful as well.  Laundry is enough of a chore without having to do it in a cluttered, unorganized, and boring space.  And if you are like most average families, laundry can be something that has to be done daily.

Let the experts at Store with Style design a laundry room that will make your life a little easier. We offer custom storage solutions, designed to fit your needs and space exactly the way you need them to.  With accessories like pull out valet rods, sliding baskets, folding ironing boards, and HandiWall’s specialty hanging accessories, we can make doing laundry a snap!


Are you tired of the people in your home bringing the ‘great outdoors’ inside when they come in? Mud rooms offer an excellent area for transitioning from outside to inside, but what good is the area if there is no system to keep it organized? Let Store with Style design a room that makes this space an organized, stylish place for coats, hats, boots, shoes, kids’ backpacks, and much more.

Just because it is called a ‘mud room’ does not mean this area has to be a mess. Mud rooms can look great and offer a functional entryway. We can design and install shoe benches, lockers, and open shelving for this space. You can also opt to add wall hanging solutions such as coat hooks and other specialty hangers. One of our organization experts will work with you to select one, a few, or all of the options to incorporate into a complete system that fits your needs and your budget.

Let us help you come up with the ideal solution for your mud or laundry room.