Family room hero

Custom designed storage system, done in Chocolate Pear,  combines storage and a mini wine bar

Rooms You Use

Storage and organization systems for any room of the house

Most every home will have at least one room that is OFF limits to everyone. This room was designed specifically to remain pristine at all times and is often considered the show piece of the home. It is probably the area you would think about having some custom carpentry work done.

Then there are the other areas of your home. The family room, rec room, home gym, dining room, home library, finished basements, the places where your family spends most of their time, and areas used for permanent or temporary storage are all spaces you are probably using on a daily basis. A good storage solution can enhance functionality, increase organization, and improve aesthetics in any of the areas mentioned.

They say an organized home is a happy home, so don’t stop after you are finished organizing the garage and closets! A storage system can be added anywhere you are in need of organization. We can design and install solutions that will help make any area of your home stylish and functional.

Store with Style uses the extremely flexible and functional storage system components produced by RedLine Closet Systems. With this extensive line at our disposal we are able to take virtually any space in your home and create a beautiful, organized design that will fit the area perfectly.

So whether you are in need of a custom media center, a full wine bar, or a unique toy storage system, we can take your vision and turn it into reality. When you contact us today you will speak with one of our design specialists, who will help you go from idea to 3D design and from there to a flawlessly installed system.