Fleur de Lis Balusters

Fleur de Lis Balusters and new wainscot totally transform this entry way

Trim and Doors

New baseboard or crown molding gives your home a new, fresh look

There are few things that can enhance and update your home like new trim or doors.  The improvements can completely change or match the existing decor and provides a transformation that is immediate. Unlike other home improvements, new crown molding, baseboard, wainscot, and casings can be installed with minimal disruption to your living space.

The master carpenters of Store with Style can replace your doors, inside and out. Both manufactured and custom made doors are available for residential installation. So whether you are swapping your front door for a more energy efficient one or getting rid of those hollow core interior doors that rattle whenever you close it, we can help you find or create your perfect solution.