Ten Amazingly Organized Professional & Home Offices

Whether you run your business out of your home, a storefront, or an office building, you’ll have a hard time running it efficiently if the space is not well organized.

Is your office a mess of paperwork, equipment, cords, sticky notes, and all the other ‘stuff’ it takes to run a business? Are you tired of filing paperwork in ‘working on’ and ‘done’ piles on the fold up table that serves as your desk? Have you tried searching for office furniture and storage solutions before, only to find most solutions ‘could work’ and the entire design process too time consuming?

Many of our customers have found themselves in the same situation as you before working with us to develop a custom fit, ‘will work’ solution that fit their space and budget. So what does a Store With Style designed and installed office look like? Here’s ten examples to give you an idea…

They say ‘charity starts at home’ so I’ll open with my own office here in the Store With Style showroom (shameless plug for our showroom 🙂 – 8250 Tyler Blvd Suite E Mentor, OH 44060 – come visit me). How could we offer our customers custom office storage solutions if we didn’t have our own act together?

Store With Style Office in our Mentor, OH showroom

All the technology required to run a business these days means you probably need quite a bit of desktop space. With my computer, printer, landline, and speakers I needed a nice big desk to hold all that stuff without getting in the way. The cabinet with doors and cubby holes give me quick, easy access to customer files; as well as storage space for office supplies.

Speaking of lots of desktop space, most of this home office is counter top…

Home Office Desk Fills The Room - Store With Style - RedLine Closets Cleveland Dealer

The owner of the house where this particular custom office desk was installed would do quite a bit of accounting work from home. It was imperative for her to have lots of desk space for all the paperwork that goes along with accounting and business taxes.

We offer a variety of styles, colors, and configurations for you to choose from. Just need something for storing stuff? We’ve got you covered there…

Home Office Corner Cabinet Furniture Piece - Store With Style - RedLine Closet Systems Cleveland Agent

Does your office need a full makeover (storage, bookcases, shelving, desks, flooring, and painting…the whole works) to make it look more professional? We can help you out there too. Our professional and courteous installation crew completed this full makeover in about two days:

Click image for a closer look

Want office storage you can hide behind closed doors? We can do that! You won’t believe all the options available:

Hidden Home Office Storage by Store With Style - RedLine Professional & Home Offices Cleveland

What about an area that is only an office part time; for example, a professional and elegant, yet comfortable part time home office / part time TV room? Yep, we can make it happen:

Home Office & TV Room - Store Wtih Style - RedLine Closet Systems

I may be a bit biased :), but Tony, in my opinion, is unmatched when it comes to designing custom desks and storage solutions for professional office places and home offices alike. He has a knack for incorporating everything the customer wants with all the things we know they will need to have an efficient and comfortable space…

A Complete Home Office Taking Advantage of All Available Space - Store With Style - RedLine Closet Systems

Anyone care to disagree with me? [cricket sound…cricket sound] Didn’t think so :). No space is too big, too small, or too awkward for us to work with. We managed to build out a really nice office in this loft area:

Home Office Loft & Library - Store With Style - RedLine Closets Mentor Dealer

And gave this local Mentor business tons of storage area and workbench space for their IT department:

Mentor Public Library - Professional Office Remodel by Store With Style

I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to work in this space every day, right?

Home Office Media Center & Furniture by Store With Style

You might find yourself making excuses to work, just so you can hang out in your office!

If you want an office that is functional and organized, looks great, and promotes efficiency; then you need to let Store With Style help you design and install a custom solution created exclusively for your needs, proudly serving the Metro Cleveland area.

Give us a call today (440-974-8201) to see how we can transform your office! We offer a free, no obligation, on-site consult and can work around your business schedule.


Kathy does it all for Store with Style. From marketing to customer service, she keeps the family business going day to day. When you visit or call the Store with Style showroom, you will likely be greeted by Kathy; and immediately know you're talking to a friend.