Cambria Countertops Wellborn Cabinets & Redline Storage

We choose manufacturers that we know and trust for all of our builds. We keep consistency and know our suppliers will always be on time, provide top quality and provide support. This translates to efficient planning and build times for our customers. At Store with Style, we put our customers first – which means no corner cutting in our processes. That includes who we order materials & hardware from. Take a look at our main manufacturers below!

cambria countertops

cambria quartz countertops kitchen bathroom lifetime warranty

Cambria Quartz Countertops

Cambria’s quartz countertops are our choice countertop supplier, as they rank in every category you can think. Their countertops are much harder than marble or granite, and they are non-porous; meaning less likely to chip, scratch, stain and it won’t absorb anything left on the counter. These countertops are safe for food and greatly reduce the amount of bacteria that hangs around the kitchen. Lastly, they do not need regular maintenance including polishes & seals. With 11 different collections, each with their unique colors & patterns, you are sure to find something right for you! View the Cambria site for design ideas and their full range of countertops!

Redline closet systems

Innovative Storage

The Redline Closet Systems are a great way to save space and fit more into your closet. Redline offers numerous options including bins, drawers, extendable racks & rods, a variety of pull-out systems and more. Their cabinetry is available in 10 different colors & finishes, over 30 cabinet choices and a number of door handle styles & options. Visit our showroom to get a real idea of what your closet could look like!

wellborn cabinets

wellborn cabinets custom cabinetry kitchen bathroom quality cabinets

High Quality Wellborn Cabinetry

We choose Wellborn because they truly care about their product and providing quality cabinetry in a timely manner. With the ability to create custom cabinetry of all sizes & types, they are a perfect fit for what we do; design cabinetry catered for our customer. Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is made in the USA, with their manufacturing facility in Alabama. They’ve been in the business since 1961, so it is no question they have the experience and expertise to provide some of the best cabinetry in the industry.

RedLine garagegear

redline garagegear outdoor cabinetry durable storage solutions

Durable Redline Cabinets for Outdoor Use

Custom garage cabinetry with a powder-coated finish for extra protection against the elements. These cabinets have an off-the-floor design to eliminate moisture damage & provide extra space below. RedLine reassures our customers with a lifetime warranty on their garagegear cabinets. There’s plenty to choose from, with over 500 cabinet choices, 11 color choices and more customization options!

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