Redline Garage Cabinets & Closets Systems

Store with Style can help you completely reorganize all of your storage spaces with heavy duty Redline Garagegear & closet system cabinets. Don’t let your current storage options be a barrier to organization, find a space for everything without adding more space. Most of us can’t add another closet, or build a second garage, but you can gain a tremendous amount of storage just by adding some organization. We have a wide variety of options available for your garage and for your closets or anywhere in your home. Let Store with Style help you clear your clutter and organize all of your spaces with Redline cabinets.

redline garagegear outdoor cabinetry durable storage solutions

Durable Redline Garagegear Garage Cabinets

Custom garage cabinets with powder-coated finishes for extra protection against the elements. These cabinets have an off-the-floor design to eliminate moisture damage & provide extra space below. RedLine reassures our customers with a lifetime warranty on their garagegear cabinets. There’s plenty to choose from, with over 500 cabinet choices, 11 color choices and more customization options!

Innovative Storage & Organization with Redline Closet Systems

The Redline Closet Systems are a great way to save space and fit more into your closet. Redline offers numerous options including bins, drawers, extendable racks & rods, a variety of pull-out systems and more. Their cabinetry is available in 10 different colors & finishes, over 30 cabinet choices and a number of door handle styles & options. Visit our showroom to get a real idea of what your closet could look like!

Get Started on Your Dream Garage or Closet Remodel

Contact Store with Style right away to get started on your dream garage or closet remodel. We can help you get organized with high-quality redline cabinets, closet systems, and much more. Let us help you with our complete design services, installation, and customization. Our high-quality redline cabinets will help you clear out clutter, and take your space back without having to do a costly addition.